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indianlovepoint.com Membership Agreement

The text below is an agreement between indianlovepoint.com and indianlovepoint.com members. Before completing your membership to indianlovepoint.com please make sure you fully read and understand this agreement and approve to all substances. During the sign up process you will see a box which asks if you approve to this agreement. To complete your membership you will have to check the box, and by checking the box you will agree to this agreement by all means.

General Rules

  1. indianlovepoint.com mate finding services are only for those over 18. Every person who fills out the form will automatically be making a commitment to be over 18.
  2. indianlovepoint.com memberships are personal. Can not be given to anyone, can not be handed over to anyone. indianlovepoint.com is not responsible for this kind or similar actions.
  3. indianlovepoint.com is only a mediator. It is impossible to control recieved messages. Sent messages do not belong to this form or any connected system of an insisution. Sent messages are only views of the writer itself. For this reason we are not responsible for any sent messages. Members can inform us about disturbing messages. indianlovepoint.com has the right to remove messages that are not proper, without showing cause.
  4. Members of indianlovepoint.com can not post anything that contain criminal offense, require a legal perspective followed by nationwide or international laws, threats, disturbance, insults and bad language, humiliation, rudeness, pornographic or immoral content. Either way the crime belongs to the offender. indianlovepoint.com does not take responsibility
  5. indianlovepoint.com does not allow members to post information that contains hamrful elements, commercial purpose or advertising.
  6. People who are seeking for friendships and relationships at indianlovepoint.com are given a chance to get to know each other on behalf of their own free will and they are responsible of their formations in interactive environments.
  7. The password that will be chosen for a indianlovepoint.com membership, will only be known by the user itself. The member will be responsible for the password selection and security. indianlovepoint.com will not be responsible of the password and of issues that may happen.
  8. indianlovepoint.com can not confirm or guarantee if added profile pictures by a member, belongs to the member or not. We do not take responsibility.
  9. IP numbers of visitors who enter indianlovepoint.com will be saved for security purposes. In any case of harassment or threatening, these numbers can be used to determine the identity of the user to by given to the judiciary and judical authorities for legal action. That for our secrecy obligation will disappear.
  10. indianlovepoint.com may have errors and interruptions due to technical problems. The site is not responsible for that kind of service interruptions.
  11. indianlovepoint.com won't allow to publish any kind of article without statement of the published source.
  12. indianlovepoint.com is not responsible for the content of sites and the privacy principles, that is given by link as a banner promotion.
  13. indianlovepoint.com does not allow standart members to send messages, except for female members. Male members have to upgrade to Gold membership to be able to send messages and to take advantage of other opportunities.
  14. indianlovepoint.com has the right to delete any messages and cancel any member regisration without a warning.
  15. indianlovepoint.com has the right to send any kind of e-mails for promotional purpose. Can send collective messages to all members or some member groups for promotional purpose. Can give the right to send collective messages to any member, some members or some member groups. All members are responsible for the content of their own sent messages. Site owners do not take any responsibility for it. Members are responsible for their own profiles. The site will not investigate whether the profile is real or fake and does not take responsibility. indianlovepoint.com can send collective messages from any member to any member groups it wishes to.
  16. indianlovepoint.com standard membership is free. Members can upgrade their memberships by paying a certain amount, to be able to use all membership benefits. indianlovepoint.com does not guarantee permanent friendships via paid membership. Members do not have to answer any messages they do not want to answer. This site does not take responsibility for messages that aren't answered.
  17. If a indianlovepoint.com member happens to face individuals who will be asking for money and request material things, we are not responsible for your material and moral losses. Please be careful.
  18. Members who are not online while receiving a message, will receive a notification e-mail. This service may have some errors due technical problems. You may receive empty e-mails or several e-mails at once due those problems and our site is not responsible for this.
  19. When becoming a member to indianlovepoint.com you will only recieve notifications from about indianlovepoint.com . Members to leave for our emailing list indianlovepoint.com apply by emailing or use the termination link.
  20. indianlovepoint.com is hosted from the U.S.A , California. The rules about the services for this site are established by the laws of the United States. Judicial complaints about our web site, applies the laws of the state of California Department.
  21. indianlovepoint.com is not responsible for advertises that may be on other web sites. Also websites that advertise for us or may contain adverts of our site are not our issue.
  22. indianlovepoint.com is not responsible for any kind of error, neglect, interruption, deletion, deterioration, conduction delay or failure of communication network between members.
  23. Profile acception the terms and conditions:
    • Profile contents can not contain (directly or indirectly) any kind of personal information like e-mail addresses, web addresses, phone numbers etc.
    • The introduction and partner search section should be filled carefully and honestly.
    • The introduction and partner search section can not contain any kind of insult, sexual or racist expressions. Profile pages are open to all members.
    • Religious belief and political opinions can not be mentioned or discussed on profiles.
    • Advertising is not allowed on profiles.
    • Informations on profiles are based on any members free will and can not be inspected. For this reason, indianlovepoint.com is not responsible about personal information.
  24. By becoming a member of indianlovepoint.com, every individual automatically agrees to the statements made above. Members who want to cancel their accounts can delete their memberships by clicking on the membership cancellation link below.
Cancellation of membership


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