indianlovepoint.com is responsible for the confidentiality of private information of members.

This text is to inform members about the storage conditions of the information of members and to make sure that indianlovepoint.com does fulfill all obligations to protect information. Transactions that are only made by indianlovepoint.com, contain checked data and the e-mail traffic between members and indianlovepoint.com. Other websites, firms or consumers are not involved.

  • indianlovepoint.com is responsible for the confidentiality of private information of members.
  • indianlovepoint.com are given informations by the members third person or people can not be sold, can not be given..
  • indianlovepoint.com filled for become a member first and last name will not be prompted profile information.While became member given informations won't be used to determine identity.
  • Like many web sites that e-commerce indianlovepoint.com in, the members visit the site when the IP address is automatically saved by the system.
  • Like many web site indianlovepoint.com in, the use of the site and to gather information to keep track of the continuity of the activities within the site 'cookie'uses the called technology. Cookies are remembered by the user's web browser very small in size "cookie" files. indianlovepoint.com to can see advertising cookies institutions in the member's browser. If a member from the site closed the browser that cookies can not benefit from the full performance.
  • Members to provide information on various products and services, which allows to reach him directly "personal information" (name-surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address, etc.) "financial information" (ie credit card, or password), or "demographic information" (which are not in the category of personal information or financial information, the member inhabited city, gender, date of birth, postal code, or purchase information with other members, one to one communication, browsing and search history, but only those that contain elements such as illusory information) collected. Demographic information, non-public information (one to one relationships between members and members past and contains information about the purchase) and public information (which includes all non-demographic data) to be divided into two categories. indianlovepoint.com members, profiles not give personal or financial information (such as user name, password, address information or use of information or profile information be included in the name or address, etc.) warns.If this information is not published on the site because of the "demographic information" and therefore "public information" will be included in.
  • indianlovepoint.com in any area of the site does not attempt to obtain information from persons under the age of 18 (indianlovepoint.com members must be at least 18 years of age).
  • Within the site to other web sites are various links and banners.Member be cautious when visiting and using these websites. Operators of these sites, collect a variety of information on members of indianlovepoint.com. indianlovepoint.com will use this information for a different purpose and use. indianlovepoint.com operations of these sites and is not responsible for the privacy principles.
  • Members' e-mail addresses and other personal information, in order to make more efficient use of the site operations and activities on the site to contact other members of (the verification carried out by e-mails or the member's indianlovepoint.com of association, includes activities such as e-mails containing important news but not limited. This kind of communication, "Functional Communication is defined as".In some cases, such as banners and advertising messages, special offers, and "Functional Communication" is covered in.
  • Personal information may also be a variety of information to members, topics and articles convey, indianlovepoint.com promotions for products or services of third parties or used to send.
  • indianlovepoint.com members' personal information, the use of the site in order to increase the effectiveness of (the members to support the activities of the site or site operations such as document) authorization of credit card transactions, receipts, and support services, customer relations and support on issues such as satisfaction and service providers of the representatives. These organizations have warned not to use it for other purposes.
  • Financial information; members to fulfill some of the requirements, invoice transactions, discounts, price cut, and can be used in order to ensure their participation in similar practices. Members, or any shopping site when an operation that requires financial information indianlovepoint.com 's this information, service providers and when it deems necessary to document the site and support activities may transmit to third parties agree to accept. These third parties, credit card companies or bank institutions that support financial transactions can be. Members, when you purchase products and services offered by third parties on the site, or want to book any relevant records, and financial information referred to it by the requesting party programs, taking indianlovepoint.com financial information communicated by the parties would agree.
  • indianlovepoint.com members have the right to review all demographic information. Public information, provide access to a member's profile to other users, or which could be used to determine the members can communicate. Demographic information, site, and site usage areas, members can be used to adapt to trends in. indianlovepoint.com companies that advertise their products and services by increasing the likelihood of achieving the various members of the demographic information in order to reach their target audiences, and an anonymous basis without revealing the identity of the members can be shared with advertisers. Demographic information is shared with advertisers, which features indianlovepoint.com members as well as member of the group which reveal the identity of the demographic information that can not be given. However, members participated in an ad campaign by giving their personal information if, on such advertising is geared towards a specific target audience, the firm can identify the user as a member of the target audience.
  • indianlovepoint.com to login passwords completely under the control of the users. Members of passwords in order to keep their information private by any act careful about not knowing. Learning by someone other than the password for a user, the user name using the member's control process can be done. Such a situation is detected immediately changing the password is worth now.
  • Members indianlovepoint.com at any time, create profiles and update their membership information.
  • Members for the cancellation of membership at any time (resigned) to apply. Cancel your membership, along with all the information stored in the system will also be deleted member.
  • indianlovepoint.com an insult, harassment, and intimidation is strictly prohibited. Public areas (sibergruplar, chat rooms, forums, etc.). Areas or private messages (chat rooms, message center, quick messages and so on.), Members of the disturbing messages to people who, after examining the indianlovepoint.com states enacted by the membership.
  • indianlovepoint.com messaging between members can be read only by the parties concerned. However, the site visitors and members of the security objectives necessitates the protection of the moral and material indianlovepoint.com officials reserve the right to access these messages. indianlovepoint.com even in these cases, the individual messaging hides the contents from third parties.
  • indianlovepoint.com, the loss of information under the control of, or the replacement of some of the security measures implemented in order to prevent a possible deformation. The security software (SSL), providing secure commercial activities, with the industrial standard of today's most current. Encrypting all of your personal and financial information on the Internet surfer's retained.
  • Members of the information to be used in any case is decided in a way different from that stated in this text, these changes via e-mail or by posting on the site for 30 days users will be notified. This text entry should be checked periodically by the users as stated in paragraph. indianlovepoint.com the principles of privacy, the right to change without any notice. These changes in the change log includes information on the day and the next days.

indianlovepoint.com promise to you!

indianlovepoint.com 's priority platform for users to find a friend to be safe and comfortable. In this context, we have given you, and 9 years, I have to mention 4 hold!

  • We will work to your peace of mind...
  • indianlovepoint.com's, running 24 hours a day and has a team tasked with the control site. One of the jobs of this team from you "this person is bothering me" alerts to the need to investigate immediately. If another user, the site found to act in a way contrary to the rules in chat talking to him on the "Report Abuse" button to print, or let us know that person's nickname. When you file a complaint with us this kind of your complaint about the outcome, you will be notified as soon as possible. In addition, you do not want to talk profile at any time by prohibiting the "black list" that you could also would like to remind. In this case, you will not receive any messages from this person again.
  • We will not allow offensive content.
  • Our team indianlovepoint.com to the left of each profile, pictures and videos are checked in a few hours at least, and profiles, photos, and videos, but it goes out of control then activated. indianlovepoint.com in profiles that do not meet the rules of the site any content, advertising, do not give specific information to take place, the intention of finding something else happened from the beginning will delete friends.
  • We will be always available.
  • indianlovepoint.com, since its foundation in customer relations is very sensitive. To us, at every time of the day by phone, mail or through our website can access the online chat window, you will receive mails answered within a few hours at the latest.
  • We will protect your information.
  • indianlovepoint.com in the e-mail address as well as any of your private information will never be closed to other members

AAttention! indianlovepoint.com from one of the meet, you should be aware of?

indianlovepoint.com members of the people who have seen the street is no different. As in the real realm indianlovepoint.com in malicious people to be. To do this, indianlovepoint.com in before anyone else is your responsibility to ensure your own safety and the meeting. Members of management and employees in indianlovepoint.com . indianlovepoint.com shouting to each other, and these messages are not responsible for the contents of the messages is not controlled by indianlovepoint.com . Here's to communicate with other members, and meeting indianlovepoint.com also some points to consider:

- Do not give that person your real name last name

- You do not know your friend your own address, phone number, do not give.

- Instead of a secluded place for a first date in you select a crowded place like home if possible, make sure that other people have with you.

- The first way to meet one of your circle of close Please provide detailed information about where you go.

- Get to know the other party, without being sure enough, her private information, money, or, for example, "speech in front of the door of the café for" Do not give your mobile phone.

- indianlovepoint.com managers and indianlovepoint.com employees in disputes between members messaging, and after the meeting or discussion and are not responsible for any problems.


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